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Customizable badge, supergreen props, handcrafted collectibles
  • Customizable badge, supergreen props, handcrafted collectibles
  • Customizable badge, supergreen props, handcrafted collectibles

Custom Badge

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Custom badge with your own name, photo, ID number and signature. Carefully imagined badge inspired by the Worldcon photos of the Jacobson badge. The Orange X is cut from vintage Amberlith like the originals.

You can also contact me if you want a variation on one of the characters.

By default, the black background of the badge is Deckard's version, inspired from the Worldcon photos, as shown on the product's photo. Leave a message at checkout if you prefer the background from another character's badge.

The badge is 99x67mm (3.9"x2.64"). It should be accurate in size to the filming prop.

With or Without clip in option.
The hole for the clip is only present in the option with clip.

Product customization

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  • 250 char. max
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The custom badges are made to order with the files that you give me and are normally shipped in 6-10 working days. By default, the product is marked in stock with a stock of 1 to 20 items, handling the stock this way allows me to avoid an order of 100 badges at once and to limit to a reasonable amount that I can produce in the indicated timeframe. I reset the stock when the orders are sent. If you see the product out of stock, it doesn’t necessarily means that I can’t produce any more, just wait for me to reset the stock or don’t hesitate to contact me to inquire.

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