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DS blue dome light
  • DS blue dome light
  • DS blue dome light
  • DS blue dome light
  • DS blue dome light

DS blue dome light

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Blue dome light with its polished aluminium bezel as used in several objects on the Death Star.

The lamps have been created after a careful study of the movie stills as well as photos of real found parts. A precise 3D model was then created to determine the most exact possible proportions and measurements.

This lamp version does not light up, however, the inside of the turned aluminium bezel gives a very bright effect to the lamps depending on the room lighting. An FX version is also available.

Sold Out

The lamps are 45mm in diameter.

Each bezel is hand turned from aluminium then polished until looking like chrome.

The lenses are made of transparent and colored resin and sanded and polished to obtain the same transparency as the originals.
Each lens is precisely adjusted to its bezel and is not glued. It is possible to remove gently the lens from its bezel by using a piece of tape for instance but it is not necessarily easy to do so!

If you prefer a light up version, I would recommend the FX version instead, it has a hole in the back with a led already fitted to the bezel :-)