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DS black delrin camera kit
  • DS black delrin camera kit
  • DS black delrin camera kit
  • DS black delrin camera kit

DS black delrin camera kit

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Assembly kit for the detention center cameras, version with a 8mm thick black Delrin plate, idealized in material and strength but accurate in thickness and color. You just need to get 6 viewers and put everything together!

Please be aware before ordering, this material shows slight scratches all over the surface. I receive the raw material as is from my supplier and apply a quick once over with wire wool at the end for a lightly brushed look.

The kits have been created after a careful study of the movie stills as well as photos of real found parts. A precise 3D model was then created to determine the most exact possible measurements.

A lot of cool small details never seen before are included in the kits!

Sold Out

What is included in the kit :
- 8mm black Delrin plate (plate is drilled for 100x100mm VESA mounts. the mounts holes are a bit offseted to the top of the plate as seen in the movie. Warning, if your mount has more than 2cm of material above the holes, it will be visible above the plate)
- two already assembled aluminium antennas, no assembly or glue required here except for the thin antenna
- 2 stainless steel M5 screws to attach the antennas to the plates
- 24 screws to attach the viewers
- 12 red stickers (16mm)
- 14 white stickers (13mm)
- a piece of blue painter tape to match some of the screenused cameras
- 6 gloss black cardboard backed rectangles to put inside the viewers and darken the lenses
- small template to position the holes on the viewers
- 4 M4 screws, nuts and washers to possibly attach to the mount. They must be put on the plate before mounting the viewers as you won't have access anymore afterwards.
- 24 small metal washers to compensate for the back curvature of the viewers

NEW: now comes with 6 white rectangle stickers to put on the Patersons, not shown on the photos.

An assembly guide can be found on the RPF message board here: