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Square shroud Vader stunt saber kit
  • Square shroud Vader stunt saber kit
  • Square shroud Vader stunt saber kit

Square shroud Vader stunt saber kit

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Machined aluminium kit for Vader Square shroud saber. This was the official ANH Vader stunt when they were trying to use a motorized blade. Iconic because of its distinctive thick square shroud. Visible in behind the scene photos but also used for around 50% of the Obi Wan duel, sharing his time with the Luke/Vader shared stunt. If you look closely at the movie, you can recognize the shroud and the way the actor holds the saber closer to the emiter. The kits are based on months of research, prototyping, 3D modeling and camera match on over 30 reference images, private photos and direct measurements, for the most accurate possible proportions and details. This saber was modified several times along its life during the 3 movies and later museum appearances, the Severed hand and Barbican versions will be available soon as well.

All details can be found on the RPF thread:


Sold Out

Included in the kits:

- aluminium body tube with installed aluminium core at the emiter end and glued pommel ring at the other end.

- aluminium square shroud with 2 M4 set screws. Top screw should be lined up with the corresponding recess on the tube when instaling it.

- resin printed activation box, can be painted gloss black to be completely screen-accurate

- short rounded plastic T-track to attach to the opposite side of the activation box. about 11mm from the bottom of the shroud.

- etched brass small greebly to put into the activation box

- 2 M1.4 brass screws to attach the activation box. Can also be glued if you don't feel like drilling and taping for such small screws. Beware, small screws, small torque, especiall with brass screws. I haven't broken one yet but still be carefull :-)

This is for a screen-accurate saber with an open end. If you are looking at idealizing it a bit with the same plug visible on the Barbican version of the saber, fitting aluminium plugs are available separately.

assembly help can be found here:

assembly help on the RPF