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Packaging kit for the standard BPRD round.

Created from a careful study of the movie and of the great references from the last Propstore auction.

Ready for your own round or one of the special ones I sell individually.

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The packaging is printed on a special pearl grey paper to be as close as possible to the off-white paper used for the movie, it is then glued onto a packaging cardboard sheet for added strength. Each sheet surface and borders are then burnished by hand to get a slight shine to it and nice and clean shiny edges. The plastic cover is vacuformed from a clear sheet of PETG plastic, voluntarily replicating the “quick and dirty” look of the movie packagings with all random folds in the plastic cover.

I did a huge amount of glue testing prior to assembling those myself and the best result I had were with a mix of acetone and 3M/scotch green gel glue applied with a brush as uniformly and quickly as possible then pressed by hand onto the paper until everything is clear with as little bubbles as possible. I used blue painter tape precisely around where the plastic would go to prevent any glue spills out and to make sure that I place it in the proper place. It’s a bit of a complex process and I include a few plastic and cardboard off cuts to practice and test other glues if you want.

Keep away from too much moisture if possible as it is cardboard and will probably bend with time just like the originals. No idea if the PETG will yellow as much though!

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