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Holden Badge

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New version and run of the badges, lots of small details improved thanks to the new awesome references these past years :-)

Carefully imagined badges inspired by the Worldcon photos of the Jacobson badge. Each character’s badge has a different round barcode, Id number, carefully created (but voluntarily roughly cut) younger looking photo and a signature derived from the actor’s autograph for an authentic look and a cool nod to the person that gave life to the character. The Orange X is cut from vintage Amberlith like the originals and each badge has a more or less used look depending on the character's seniority and tidiness.

The badge is 99x67mm (3.9"x2.64"). It should be accurate in size to the filming prop.

With or Without clip in option.
The hole for the clip is only present in the option with clip.

Clip: Without
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A lot of research and head scratching went into the creation of this set of badges for the 4 characters of the BR unit. The idea was to create a very accurate badge for Deckard based on the Worldcon photos of the Jacobson badge and to come up with a cool in universe narrative to explain all choices and overall look of the other characters’ badges.

We assumed police officers were given a new badge with a B ID number when joining the BR unit. At some later point, the department realized a few typos were made on the back text and they fixed it for newer issued badges (Holden, Gaff…). The badges were cardboard (or other non tree derived close material available at the time) and started to deteriorate quickly. Instead of issuing more robust badges, they laminated all badges in their current more or less damaged condition.

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